Connecting Great Companies with Talented Interns

TouchdownCareer provides companies with access to outstanding undergraduate and graduate students from leading universities across the United States. We collaborate with university career offices to support their international students in finding internships. TouchdownCareer is a subsidiary of Touchdown Education, a highly regarded international education consulting firm jointly ranked by The Nielsen Company and CITIC Bank among the Top 5 educational consulting firms in the business-focused field nationwide.
TouchdownCareer assists companies in finding talented interns at no cost. We work closely with the talent acquisition manager at each firm to identify the specific skills needed which include Data Analytics, Financial Accounting, Financial Analysis, Marketing Analytics, and Quantitative Research. We review hundreds of exceptional students to match the best internship candidates to meet the company’s requirements, making the recruitment process more efficient and effective. TouchdownCareer believes strongly in creating a Win-Win-Win outcome where companies procure talented interns, students secure ideal internships, and universities find great opportunities for their students.
TouchdownCareer interns are both current students and recent graduates with the latest business and technical skills. Our candidates possess excellent educational backgrounds and earned high GPAs in their respective majors: Accounting, Computer Science, Data Analytics, Finance, and Marketing. These talented interns have a track record of contributing immediately to companies and quickly becoming valuable staff members. Many earn full-time positions after demonstrating their hard work, intelligence, and commitment.


No, we provide our intern service at no cost to companies.
No, all the students are on student visas that allow them to work up to 3 years on a STEM-extension.
Yes, we introduce qualified candidates and assist in arranging the initial interviews via phone, Skype, or Zoom.
For current students, the summer internships are 8 to 10 weeks. For recent graduates, internships throughout the year can be 3 to 12 months..
For current students, they can earn school credit for the internships. For recent graduates, we recommend companies pay at or above minimum wage during the internship.
No, we do not charge any additional fees if the company decides to hire the intern to a full-time position.
No, the students have the resources for finding housing near the company’s location.
No, the students take responsibility for all the relocation costs.
TouchdownCareer looks forward to working with your firm and helping you to “score” a talented intern. My team works on your behalf to find outstanding candidates who best match your needs at no cost. Please give us a call to get started and score a touchdown for your company.
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Looking forward to Collaborating!

AJ Warner
Founder & Senior Partner of TouchdownCareer